Whānau Support

Written by Te Whai Sage Coordinator, Ester Bassett   Te Whai Sages Whānau Support is a service coordinated by Te Whai Community Trust and trained community volunteers. The volunteers are able to offer time each week to be with families who need a little extra supp...
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Te Whai Sages Open Day

July 16, 2021

Getting Help

Please be aware we are not crisis service. You can self-refer via this LINK for our services but if you need urgent help, please seek it now.  These numbers and websites only work if you’re in Aotearoa, New Zealand.For comprehensive online services, please go to the N...
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May 11, 2021

Personal Growth

This post was first published on AnitaToi. It’s amazing how the very notion of conversing with teenagers brings up a range of responses in adults from eye rolls and groans to negative sarcastic quips such as ‘good luck with that!’ But if we want better communication wi...
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FAMILY WELLBEING CO-ORDINATOR  to conduct a trial to coordinate and deliver a collaborative, strengths-based family-centred service for Te Whai Community Trust in the Mangawhai area. Initially this is a fixed term contract for 12 hours per week for 12 weeks with pl...
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Aroha Basket Recipes

May 21, 2020
Today's Recipes Made Local can be made by all the ingredients from our Aroha Basket food parcels, and are included in every Aroha Basket. They are designed to be quick and simple to make, for those that aren't used to cooking.  If you find you are struggling with extra ...
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A Focus on Finance

May 11, 2020
Many of us are feeling uncertain about what our life and work look like in the future. Te Whai is committed to providing opportunities for all people to make positive changes to develop their full potential. Over the next few weeks, we will be sourcing and sharing links to s...
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Te Whai Community Trust Mangawhai is collaborating with Civil Defence and St Johns who have established a Community Response Group that will be available to provide comprehensive and co-ordinated local assistance for anyone who needs it.  The group will be collating a r...
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Last year brought many new developments to Te Whai Community Trust.  We implemented a new initiative called Te Whai Sages Senior Support. The Sages act as companions for seniors that are at risk of social isolation and loneliness. We put the call out for volunteers to b...
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