Mental Wellbeing For 12 – 24 Year Olds

Life can be pretty stressful sometimes. Connect with our services and look at the following websites, apps and phone lines that allow you to talk to someone online, text or chat, connect with peers and join online communities.

Aroha chatbot
“It’s ok to not be ok". The Aroha chatbot provides mental wellbeing support for free and is confidential. This app:

  • Uses Facebook Messenger 
  • Provides activities to help with your mental health 
  • Is aimed at teenagers and young adults (13–24 years)

Get the app here

The Lowdown
Anxious? Dealing with grief or loss? Need a friend or someone to trust?
Someone to trust? Feeling depressed? The lowdown provides ways for you to stay strong. 

Melon provides a range of resources and tools to help you get through tough times.
Their website provides opportunities to learning how to accept yourself, build confidence and manage emotions. www.melonhealth.com/manual/

Health Navigator
Provides a comprehensive list of providers, online resources, phone lines and agencies. Health Navigator Website

Text Youthline on 234
Call or chat online 0800 942 8787

Also, don't forget that you can request support, counselling and youth activities from Te Whai Community Trust www.tewhaicommunitytrust.co.nz   
Talk or text 021 02478003