We know it can be really hard for people to ask for help but if you feel you need to reach out please do connect with us via phone, message or email. Bookings are essential and you can fill out our Referral Form to access any of our services.

Wellbeing and Social Services

Our core team is Mary-Anne Boyd, our Wellbeing and Social Services Manager. Susi King, Community Occupational Therapist and Carol Syron, Wellbeing Coordinator.

Services include free strengths-based family/whānau service for children, young people and families facing complex challenges, pilot youth programmes, specialist support for children with developmental delay, empowerment support group for women, Te Awatea a resilience and wellbeing ten-week course, support group for mothers with children, courses and support for parents of teens, parenting courses for primary years and for infant years.

Anyone can refer or ask for wrap-around support, goal setting and action plans drawing on strengths within the family/whanau supported by community volunteers and relevant professional services such as counselling, healthcare, justice, budgeting, life coaching.

Contact Mary-Anne on 021 0247 8003, or use our online referral form or email Mary-Anne wellbeing@tewhaicommunitytrust.co.nz

Te Whai Sages Senior & Whānau Support is a free in-home volunteer-based service that can provide companionship, advocacy and support for our seniors and families with young children in the Mangawhai area, particularly those who aren't independently mobile, and experiencing social isolation and loneliness. Clients can enjoy conversation, outings, games, a break to catch up on sleep, shopping, meal prep, and companionship.

food parcels Mangawhai
Aroha Baskets


Aroha Baskets can be requested by anyone in the Mangawhai community that is in need of a food parcel. Individuals can refer themselves or others, as well as local service providers.

Please call us on the Aroha Food Baskets phone line: 027 220 0889

Free Counselling Mangawhai


Confidential non-judgemental counselling is strengths-based talking therapy and action planning in a safe environment with a trained professional.  Relevant to increase self-awareness, clarify stresses and life challenges, explore and manage emotions, improve relationships, reduce distress from abuse or trauma (current or historical). Options for individuals, couples, family/whānau and support groups.  Either face-to-face in our private clinic setting or secure online platforms during Covid lockdowns. Use our online request/referral form to request and discuss options with our Wellbeing team. 

Tools, tips and courses to support the mental wellbeing of:

  • Parents
  • Primary school aged children
  • Teens and young adults
  • Adults
Family Support Mangawhai
Sage Call Service


Te Whai Sage Call Service is a volunteer service that provides free friendly phone calls and messages to anyone living in isolation in the Mangawhai area who would like more company. We advise our clients to please treat our Sages with respect and kindness, and acknowledge that our Sage Callers are local caring volunteers that want to support our community.

This service is in collaboration with Warkworth Wellsford Budget Service. The clinic offers free, confidential budgeting advice from trained budget advisers. We can assist you with any personal financial problem or query. Your adviser will help you create a plan to get out of debt, save money and start building a future for you and your family.

Te Awatea


Te Awatea is designed for people wanting to start afresh with knowledge and tools for feeling ok, exploring feelings, understanding anxiety, depression and how our brains work when we’re stressed, ways to reduce stress, connect with others, healthy relationships, self compassion and hope, managing conflict and setting boundaries, gratitude and finding joy. This 10-week course incorporates models for change, Te Whare Tapa Wha, resilience models and creativity. Use our online request/referral form and put wellbeing support and Te Awatea.

Driver Training


Our Learner License programmes provide a fun, interactive way to learn the road code and prepare for the exam, using games and quizzes and the rode code books in collaboration with the Northland Road Safety Trust, and ACC. The Mentor Driving programme follows and offers practical lessons from community volunteers, contact info@tewhaicommunitytrust.co.nz for more information. Mentor Drivers can check availability of our vehicle here DRIVER TRAINING schedule.

Our Te Reo Māori classes have expanded to meet a growing community demand. We now have 6 fully subscribed classes running weekly. There is a small charge for these classes to cover the cost of our tutors.

Grandparents parenting support Mangawhai
Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren


We convene a monthly support group providing a safe place for grandparents to meet and share their experiences and advice. This is a link for wraparound support when needed, and an opportunity for some education on pertinent subjects such as cyber safety, building resilience, sleep hygiene, and dealing with trauma. These amazing families step up to provide a stable home for children who are often traumatised and would otherwise be in foster care.

Grandparents parenting support Mangawhai
Girls Together Youth Group


A bi-weekly group where participants explore creative self-expression through mixed media projects, developing healthy connections and relationships with ourselves and other people. This group focuses on wellbeing practices and coping skills for dealing with intense emotions and stress.

A wonderful new collaboration brings you this excellent service that can help you write a CV, develop a new business idea as well as enable a strategic approach to improving your current workplace wellbeing.

Ember Korowai Takitini can also provide mental health & addiction awareness and advice, consultancy on change and transition and so much more. 

Community House bookings: (bookings are essential)

Budget Clinic - in collaboration with Warkworth Wellsford Budgeting Service, we can provide a space for you to work with their advisors. Contact us for bookings
Ember Employment - a space is provided for a consultation to discuss employment options, employer issues, initiating start-up business and getting job ready. Contact us for bookings
Counselling - Our private Pod space provides various counselling needs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Use our REFERRAL FORM to get in touch with our Wellbeing team to connect with a counsellor to suit your needs. 
Wellbeing Support Groups & Programmes - Youth and Adult groups are facilitated by our Wellbeing team at various venues in Mangawhai to promote resilience and connection. Contact us for more information.

Other services running from the cottage are:
Plunket - Mondays 9 - 12pm followed by booked sessions
Toy Library - every Wednesday and Sunday 10 - 12pm (no Sundays during school holidays)
Mangawhai Playgroups - 9am - 12pm (no playgroups during school holidays)

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