Tips For Living Within A Budget

Helpful Tips to Keep Within Your Budget from Warkworth Wellsford Budget Service

This is a quick snap shot of tips we have found our clients have used and they work well for them. 

  • Groceries - Shop once a week with a list or less often if you can. Popping into the local Supermarket daily ends in impulse buys and adds dollars to your weekly spend.
  • Plan meals for a week in advance and check the ingredients are either in the pantry or on the shopping list.
  • Don’t shop when you are hungry and if possible, shop without the family to remove those extras that are not on your list but are tempting to them. 
  • Household Needs and Gifts - Not everything needs to be brand new. Check out the local Op Shops and other services eg Northern Helping Hands, Book Train and Toy Libraries.
  • Car Fuel – Check out the GasSpy app for best prices of petrol and diesel near you. Some Service Stations have set days for discounting fuel.

    Keeping Track of Cash Spending
  • When withdrawing cash for daily spending (not bill payments) either in a note book or on your phone, record the amount withdrawn and the date; then for every cash spend write in the details and what it was for.  Do this for a month; you will be surprised where it went.

Remember you don’t have to do this alone. O
ur Financial Mentors can work alongside you and your whanau to help:

  • Set goals. 
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Create a budget for you.
  • Help you find other options to increase income and reduce outgoings.
  • Assist you in negotiating payment plans if needed.
  • Help you monitor and manage your money until you are ready to “fly solo”.  

Warkworth Wellsford Budget Service is a free and confidential service only a phone call away – 09 423 7123 or 021 423 788