Te Awatea 2022

A group for locals is starting again this term. Te Awatea - A New Day, A New Dawn is a 10-week group designed to develop people’s skills of wellbeing and resilience.
Running since 2021 and there’s been some really positive feedback from participants who have completed this group, and their whanau.

“I’m not really the kind of guy that wants to talk, but this group has really helped me get my life back after some pretty devastating changes.”

Typically the group starts with a conversation about normal human difficulties with survival, stress and change, then tools and understanding about research into these issues and practical ways to make some changes is built over the weeks. 

Handouts and notes from the discussions are given each week, and tools are broken down into steps to support actual change, and not just talking about change.

As the group is confidential, connection, support and trust also build along with new possibilities and joy. More Te Awatea groups will be held throughout the year and registration can be made online. ~ Carol Syron, Te Whai Wellbeing Coordinator.

“I’m walking and getting out more with new friends. I’m achieving heaps and my relationship is different.”