Parenting Courses 2024

There are a number of online and in person parenting courses being offered in 2024.
Please take a look below at a variety of courses catering to specific needs of your child. 

In Person Parenting Courses

Jigsaw North offers a variety of parenting courses in person in Whangārei. Learn more here. 

Mangawhai Parenting Courses - would you be interested???
Te Whai Community Trust would like to gauge the communities interest in attending in perspn parenting courses in Mangawhai. Please email info@tewhaicommunitytrust.co.nz to indicate your interest and the age group(s) most relevant to you i.e pre-school years, primary aged or teens.

Online Parenting Courses

Parenting Place offers online courses for pre-school years, primary aged, teens and whanau kaupapa unique to Aotearoa. Find more information here.

​Every day with ADHD parenting course - This popular online course will be running again in Term 2, 2024. This course sells out fast, register your interest here.  

Sensory Processing Courses

Harkla - We love to help parents create the ideal environment for their children to thrive in. We are here to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. Dedicated to helping families and children through our products, digital courses & community, we are passionate about finding every avenue to create as much impact as possible. Find more information here.

Connecting Together - Strategies and guides to developing sensory systems to support learning, emotional regulation, behaviour and more. Learn more here.