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Te Whai Community Trust Mangawhai provides safe harbour for all who seek help and advice and provides a centre to direct people with specific needs to the services they require. We offer wraparound support for families, seniors and individuals and coordinate projects to improve community connections.

We are entirely dependent on grants, donations, fund-raising and sponsorship to provide our services. If you would like to make a donation our account number is: 12-3094-0005876-00. 

Te Whai Community Trust is a registered charity - if you would like a receipt and/or an acknowledgement on our website and social media platforms, please just contact us

We welcome regular sponsorship from individuals and business organisations who understand the health and wellbeing of a community depends on it's people. Lets arrange to meet and talk about what we can do together. Contact us today.

​Our clients present with varying struggles coping with life’s challenges such as:

* lack of social support, isolation, are new to the community;
* stress, anxiety, low mood, mental health, grief;
* challenges with relationships, parenting, communication, homemaking, poverty, domestic violence; behaviour
* children may have developmental delay, learning or behaviour difficulties;
* fear for safety and wellbeing

All our services are strengths based, holistic and develop realistic goals, tools of resilience, practical ideas and strategies for problem solving. Our goals for all our clients is for them to become confident and contributing members of the community.

We work collaboratively with Oranga Tamariki; NZ Police; St Johns; Te Ha Oranga; District Health Board; local GPs, schools and preschools; Otamatea Community Services; Hestia Women’s Refuge; Warkworth-Wellsford Budgeting Service; Plunket, locel midwives; Scope Nurse from Coast to Coast Health; Ember Employment; VOYCE NZ; Caring Families Aotearoa; Age Concern Rodney; Alzheimers NZ; Te Ara Oranga.

In most cases clients have to travel significant distances to access specialist services so we provide a venue whereby they visit clients here in Mangawhai or we advocate for them or assist them to access needed services.

Te Whai Community Trust is growing. We hope you can be there with us as we build on our aspirations of a large purpose-built Community Centre for Mangawhai. Talk to us today.