New multi-use space for rangatahi in Mangawhai

Te Whai Rangatahi Zone offers youth a space to connect with peers and coaches in supervised workshops and programmes designed to be inspirational, educational, inclusive, and enjoyable. Its purpose is as part of the broader effort to engage rangatahi (young people) in the community, in the outdoors and in constructive, meaningful activities at the Mangawhai Activity Zone.

Mentors, tutors and social service team members will facilitate sessions with a focus on respect for each other and the environment, safe practice with tools, design, project planning, and self-identity by creating and constructing items that bring into focus wellbeing and stress management while building resilience and life skills. 

"Thanks to funding from Tara Iti, we can make this space a little more user friendly and will have new doors, shelving, cabinets and signage very soon" says Te Whai's General Manager, Kiri Eriwata

Creative tutors and facilitators interested in working with youth in this space are invited to contact Te Whai to discuss options.

The aim is for rangatahi to engage in enjoyable learning activities that benefit the community and the environment as well as themselves. Here are some outcomes that we intend to measure over a 3 year period.

  • Provide opportunities for Rangatahi to engage in activities which promote a sense of belonging, creativity and passion, develop life skills, positive relationships, working together, build understanding, resilience and unlock potential.
  • Collaborate with a youth supervisor to promote, engage youth programmes, and facilitate regular experiences based on feedback and demand.
  • Support young people to develop the skills and attitudes they need to positively take part in society and experience having positive impact within their community (having their voices heard and their actions seen)

"The role of the co-ordinator is to facilitate activities that help achieve the vision and outcomes of the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy and Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa.

These outcomes are to ensure young people feel loved, safe and nurtured, have what they need, have access to active, healthy and creative activities, feel accepted, respected and connected, and feel involved and empowered, and develop the skills and attitude they need to take part positively within society.

This is achieved through engaging young people in fun activities that promote trust & participation, providing safe, supportive and challenging environments, developing and nurturing strong relationships and being available to young people and their individual needs." Susi King - Specialist Occupational Therapist & Rangatahi Zone Coordinator