Community Skill Development

Parenting Facilitator Training Course

Te Whai Community Trust recently worked with charitable organisation Parenting Place to build local capability for parenting courses and coaching in Mangawhai. 

Ten members of our local Mangawhai community, including some of Te Whai’s team, recently completed a two-day facilitator training course so we can run some of these innovative, fun, evidence-based programmes in Mangawhai. The programme are designed around values of deep connected relationships in families, creating spaces where all people feel comfortable, accepted and valued, non-judgemental language and inspiring content about parenting tools and strategies that work. 

We thank all participants for their time and look forward to hosting these courses over the next years and positively impacting our local homes and community.

Toolbox Baby & Toddler Years, Toolbox Primary Years and Toolbox Teenage Years courses coming soon.