Te Whai Community Trust Collaborates with Hay Hay Design for Youth Art Project

Te Whai Community Trust is excited to announce its partnership with Hay Hay Design for a youth-led art project aimed at beautifying the Te Whai Community buildings while empowering local young artists.

The project's core aim is to tap into the creative potential of Mangawhai's youth, enhancing the community's spaces with their artwork. It seeks to instill a sense of pride and ownership among young artists while beautifying shared spaces.

Starting in 2024 at the beginning of the new school term, the project will span two months. It will involve workshops led by professional artists to teach art techniques, mural painting, and brainstorming sessions to develop community-centric themes. Each participating youth will be mentored by a local professional artist.

The project involves youth workshops led by professional artists to teach art techniques and mural painting. Collaborative sessions will develop themes reflecting Mangawhai's identity. Each participant will receive guidance from a local artist, and an unveiling event will showcase the completed artworks.

The initiative fosters community cohesion by involving youth in creating a shared visual identity. It empowers young artists, beautifies community buildings, and provides skill development opportunities for participants.

The Youth Art Project promises to transform the Te Whai Community buildings into vibrant spaces reflective of Mangawhai's spirit.