Information for Te Whai Sages

Kia ora! Welcome to our information page just for Te Whai Sages with all the documents at the ready to become a Te Whai Sage. This is an unlisted website page, so please bookmark or save the url link, so you can revisit any of the documents you need.

You will become a Te Whai Sage when you have been screened by a police check (Sage Callers do not need Police Vetting), had your referee checks completed, completed boundaries training (read & email your acknowledgement), signed your application which is a Contract and Confidentiality Agreement, and been matched with a Client. This is to safeguard our Te Whai Sages and Clients. We look forward to joining our team of wonderful volunteers.


You application allows us to understand what skills you can offer as a Te Whai Sage. Please download this form, print and return either by 

Or take a photo from your phone and send it to the Te Whai Phone 021 0247 8003


Every Te Whai Sage and Sage Caller needs to acknowledge that they have read each page of this document, to assure the safety of Clients and Sages. This is the first training of all Te Whai Sages and is the most important. Please read and email after reading to acknowledge.


Te Whai Sages that are delivering items to Clients need to be Police Vetted. The application can take up to three weeks or more for a result. At that stage, we can welcome you as a Te Whai Sage.
Sage Callers do not need Police Vetting.

Please download this form if this is you.

DONATIONS ARE WELCOME 12-3094-0005876-00

We are a registered charity - if you would like a receipt please just email us


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